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The maintenance of a storage water heater can be summed up so little that one is tempted to ignore it. Without dispensing a lecture, specify the few operations necessary to ensure the water heater longevity and performance.

  • The monthly purge guarantees the elimination of sediment accumulated during the last four weeks. Sediments that as we know, it harms the heating performance by depositing on the resistance. It is done through the security group.
  • The periodic emptying the water heater eliminates lime deposits and make accessible the thermal strength plunge and check the status of the sacrificial anode *.
  • The descaling process involves removing sediment deposits from the bottom of the tank, the immersion heater, and the anode. To do this, the balloon must be drained and the electricity cut. With the bonnet and plate removed, remove the lime scale and soak the anode and the resistor in white vinegar (a plastic bottle cut under the flared neck fits the bill).

Nonuse Of The Water Heater Over A Period

To prevent any formation and deposition of limestone, storage water heaters installed in second homes or not used for several weeks will be systematically drained. This action reduces sediment deposition. To minimize losses, remember to turn off the breaker and water supply on the last day before consuming hot water.


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