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How To Purge Your Heating System In 10 Steps?

  1. fully open the valves or thermostatic valves of ALL radiators, even those that are “never open.”
  2. Switch on the heating (if necessary pass the boiler manually) by increasing the room temperature setpoint to force the generator to start.
  3. Increase the circulation speed on the heating pump if it has a speed selector. Open (manually) the mixing valve (s) if installed.
  4. let warm until the generator stops once the installation is warmed
  5. then switch off the power supply so that the circulation pump does not work anymore
  6. increase the pressure of the installation to 2 bars
  7. wait 1 hour to let the air naturally move in the upper part of the plant
  8. Purge the nurses of the floor or floors (if present), then purge the radiators starting with those installed at the lowest without hesitating to open enough the purge to properly chase the air, while keeping a minimum of pressure in the installation as the air purge of the installation.
  9. reset the various settings to their original state
  10. restart the installation and repeat the operation a little later if the air is still present.


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