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Ways On How To Detect And Prevent Tree Roots In Your Sewer Line

If you notice that your water bill is a little higher than it should be, there may be an underlying issue. Trees are a common culprit for invading the sewer drain. They start from the roots and make their way to the pipes, where they will further grow and irritate any pipe openings and clog up the opening.

Here are ways on how you might detect and prevent tree roots.

Bad smell

A sewer line with roots will give out a bad smell. Once you notice this, you should call in professionals before the tree roots make their way to your house and damage your home.

Slow drains

Another sign of roots in the sewer line is a slower-than-usual drain. This plumbing issue may appear after heavy rain and windy conditions. A tree root blocking your main will slow the flow when it enters the pipes. This can be easily fixed by digging and clearing the area in front of your main pipe.

Backed up drains

If you keep noticing backed-up drains, you have roots in your sewer. A tree root will cause backups because they block the main sewer line completely when they grow.

How to prevent tree roots in your sewerage line

Here are a few tips to help you prevent tree roots from your sewer drain.

Conduct inspections

You should make it a routine to have inspections done to prevent the roots from entering the sewer line. It’s best to have a professional do this so that they can detect any potential problems early on.

Protect the main

Keep the inlet protected by placing caps on it to prevent any blockage. If you have caps, ensure they are securely placed so that debris can’t make its way there.

If you notice any of these problems, contact a professional to fix the plumbing issue.

Use chemicals

In some cases, when tree roots are detected, you may be forced to use chemicals in the sewer line. These chemicals will effectively dissolve the roots and kill them, thus preventing the sewer line from clogging up.

Remove the roots mechanically.

If the problem is too severe, you must physically dig up your main line and remove the roots. Doing so will help protect your home and prevent future issues with roots in your sewer drain.

Let the plumber check for the tree roots. If you have a serious tree root problem, let the plumber check for the tree roots in the sewer drain. A common check for roots is for your plumber to pressurize the line, which forces water and air out through the joints of the pipe. If the joint is blocked with roots, air bubbles will form, and pressure cannot escape through that section, thus indicating the existence of roots. The plumber will be able to detect roots and give you the best possible solution to help solve the issue. This will save you a lot of money in the long run.

With the above tips on how to detect and prevent tree roots in the sewer line, you must have all your plumbing issues fixed before it becomes a problem in your house.


September 2022

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